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Our Network Services Keep Your I.T. Up and Running, Secure, and Within Budget.

The Bay Area is a great place to run a business. However, to excel in your industry, you must ensure your I.T. functions efficiently, is always secure, and that expenses fall within your budgetary requirements. A simple way to do this is to rely on Irvine Consulting Services (ICS) for your Network Services.

ICS ensures Bay Area businesses like yours stay up and running, secure, and on target with their technology budgets. Our predictable, fixed, monthly fee covers a full range of network services.

We Keep You Up and Running, With:

  • A 24/7 Live Help Desk, with both onsite and remote support.
  • Your own, dedicated Network Services professional.
  • Around-the-clock network monitoring and maintenance for complete security.
  • Backups that are reliable, always retrievable, and stored safely offsite.
  • Dependable Business-Continuity and Disaster-Recovery Solutions.

We Keep You Secure, By:

  • Protecting your technology from malicious attacks in the form of viruses, malware, and Trojan horses.
  • Blocking intruders who want to gain access to your vital network resources and data.
  • Preventing fraudulent activities from affecting your network.
  • Protecting your clients’ confidential information.
  • Supporting your regulatory compliance efforts via Security Audits, and the approved measures for your industry.

We Help You Stay Within Budget, and Will:

  • Ensure you can accurately predict your technology expenses, and plan for future ones.
  • Design and implement your technology so it’s aligned with your budget and your business goals.
  • Guarantee that you’ll obtain maximum value from your I.T. investments.
  • Make sure you get the best prices possible on hardware and software solutions.

Our Network Services result in the highest level of customer satisfaction due to our emphasis on quality, and timely delivery of services. By keeping your I.T. functioning, secure, and within budget, your business will have the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Contact Irvine Consulting Services, and learn for yourself why our Network Services come highly recommended by so many businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. (510) 482-9522 dave@irvineconsulting.com

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