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Data Backup & Disaster-Recovery Services

ICS Is Your Best Defense Against I.T. Disasters & Data Loss

Disaster (n): In the world of technology, a disaster refers to any instance where data is destroyed or lost. Instances where this can occur include both natural and manmade events such as:

  • Earthquakes, mudslides, floods, power outages, and weather events
  • Malware, viruses and cyber crime
  • Accidental data overwrites or deletions by your employees

Data Backup & Disaster-Recovery Services from ICS are interdependent, but when implemented together as a customized solution, they are the best defense for your I.T. Contact ICS to learn more: (510) 482-9522 dave@irvineconsulting.com

If your technology fails, we can quickly get you back up and running in a virtualized environment. This way, you and your employees can continue working from wherever you have an Internet connection—with little to no downtime.

With Data Backup & Disaster-Recovery Services from ICS:

  • Your data is backed up remotely to our offsite data centers, with 24/7 security monitoring and procedures that comply with auditing, legal and HIPAA regulations.
  • We employ state-of-the-art, image-based technology that continually backs up your information as an image rather than as chunks of data.
  • Your backups are monitored and intricately tested for assurance.
  • Whether you need just one file, or contents of an entire server, we can recover it instantly.
  • You’ll have the peace of mind that your data will always be available, and you and your staff won’t need to do a thing! 

Business leaders in San Francisco and the Bay Area recognize the importance of having proper safeguards in place to protect their vital data, and to keep their companies running.

You should too. With Data Backup & Disaster-Recovery Services from ICS, you’ll never have to worry about lost or destroyed data again. Protect your data. Contact ICS at: (510) 482-9522 or dave@irvineconsulting.com

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