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Wisdom Wednesday: Twelve Shortcuts Saving Maximum Time Using Microsoft Outlook

The latest version of Microsoft Outlook is designed to be a personal information manager, not just email. Learn the shortcut tricks and a user can become a power communicator very quickly.   While many wish there might be another choice, it is unlikely that Microsoft Outlook as a user interface is going to go away […]

Top Tech Gifts for 2016

If you are looking for the perfect tech gift for someone special this year, this is the only guide you need. There are so many amazing tech gifts available every year for the holidays and this year is no different. There have been many advancements in technology and this year brought some amazing new gifts […]

Microsoft’s Rise To Cloud Domination

Microsoft’s rise to cloud domination is a tale of diligence, understanding, and determination to create a product that is better than the versions that came before it. Microsoft has long been a successful company; however, the winter of 2010 was a dark time even for the Gates’ built empire. Bing paled in comparison to Google, […]

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