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Ransomware – What Is It and What Is Its impact?

Imagine it’s an otherwise typical day. You wake up, head into the office, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and settle in to get some critical work done before its due. Something is different this time. Instead of your computer booting up smoothly and showing your desktop, you’re greeted with a scary-looking window featuring an […]

The Case for Outsourcing IT Support Services – A Small-Business Advantage

Cut costs and keep focused on central business objectives by outsourcing your IT support services. Thanks to the fast-paced and technology based society we live in, all businesses – regardless of size, industry or objective – are reliant on the use of at least some kind of technological support. Similarly, all businesses have surely encountered […]

Investment in IT Brings Market Changes

According to the Harvard Business Review, “the link between technology and competition has become so much stronger since the 1990’s”. Our industry in the mid 1990’s began experiencing unprecedented growth. This rapid expansion has had a ripple effect not only in the realm of internet technology but across the manufacturing and services landscape of the […]

Don’t forget – Daylight Savings begins on Sunday, so be sure to set your clocks forward!

As a part of the non-stop service we provide to clients, Irvine Consulting would like to take this chance to remind you that Daylight Savings Time starts this Sunday, March 13th. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour! We greatly value our clients, and as such we always make sure to help out in […]

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