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12 Tips to Get More From Windows 10

Windows 10 is not only the first time Microsoft has provided a full-blown operating system upgrade to users completely free of charge, but it offers numerous new features and enhancements designed to improve every aspect of the user experience. In this article I’ll cover 12 of the most useful tips to get the utmost out […]

What Is a CIO and How Do You Benefit From Hiring One?

Just as its nearly impossible to imagine living without a smartphone or Internet access in the 21st century, operating a business without a dedicated information technology department is a step that cannot be overlooked. However, treating IT like an analysis or productivity tool is a misstep many corporations make. Information is so vital to even […]

Ransomware, a Growing and Destructive Threat

You boot your computer, and it tells you that your files have been encrypted, and unless you pay the perpetrator through an anonymous channel, you can’t get them back. If you hesitate, the files might start disappearing a few at a time. This is ransomware, one of the nastiest tricks that online criminals can pull […]

Educating Employees on Cyber Security

Computer security training isn’t just a matter of giving employees information. Knowing best practices is important, but it helps only if employees understand that they make a difference. Talking about “viruses” which “infect” computers gives the wrong message. It suggests that attacks are just something that happens to computers, like catching a cold. The truth […]

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