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Twitter Hack Big Advertisement for Two-Factor Authentication

In June of this year a massive hacking incident occurred that involved over 32 million accounts. According to LeakedSource, the Dark Web came into possession of the information linked to those accounts and put it up for sale. If you haven’t switched to two-factor authentication (2FA, a.k.a. TFA, or multi-factor authentication, or MFA) for your […]

FBI Warning Cites More Highly-Targeted and Expensive Ransomware Attacks

In a September 16 alert, the FBI warned of ransomware variants that are more frequently targeting highly-vulnerable business servers and how they are like a focused virus, looking for big servers without adequate security defenses. The law enforcement agency also noted that the number of compromised network servers and devices have drastically multiplied, via more […]

Why You Should Know the Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

Whether or not you are concerned about making your website more secure, switching to an HTTPS security-encrypted web platform is still a good idea. Why, you ask? Because having that extra level of security for your browser and site visitors will increase your Google ranking. This is actually old news, and was announced on the […]

Why You Need to Make Backups Mandatory at All Levels of Your Network Operations

Too many business entities are woefully deficient in their backup plans. Many think that one or two external drives and some cloud backup is enough. Others have less than that in backup, simply depending on server rebuilding or replication in the event of a “smoking crater” type of disaster. But, it’s not just the fire […]

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