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When It Comes To Technology, Our Experts Know What California’s Water Districts Require.

Optimum-functioning technology is critical for Water Districts in Northern California. When technology fails, the water can stop flowing. Well-managed and maintained I.T. systems promote the successful processing and delivery of clean water. For these reasons, Water Districts require technology service and support from experts who fully understand their requirements.

ICS Provides Fully Managed IT Services and Support To Northern California’s Water Districts. Contact us to learn more: (510) 482-9522 dave@irvineconsulting.com

We specialize in providing up-to-date, cost-effective, and secure technology solutions that are designed to keep your operations running, and costs under control. 

Our Technology Specialists Can:

  • Coordinate I.T. activities with your managers and staff to ensure properly functioning technology, that stays up and running.
  • Keep your I.T. costs within budget, with our fixed-fee services.
  • Provide backup and disaster-recovery solutions to securely store, monitor and retrieve your data no matter the circumstance.
  • Advise on long- and short-term technology planning, and recommend state-of-the-art technologies that will meet your current and future needs.
  • Manage the design, testing, migration, procurement, implementation and maintenance of the hardware, software, security solutions, and mobile technologies needed to achieve your mission.
  • Liaison with other technology and communication vendors to save time, headaches and money.

Why waste time with IT Companies that don’t have the required experience to work with Water Districts in California?

Contact the technology experts who specialize in what you do. Call (510) 482-9522 or email dave@irvineconsulting.com to set up a meeting with our Water District Specialists. You’ll be convinced that that ICS is what you need.

ICS Brings 20+ Years Of IT Support Experience For Businesses In The San Francisco Bay Area.

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